Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Inspiration - Autumn Place Cards

Autumn is such a beautiful transitional season, most evident in its colors. Just imagine your fall wedding or event with these adorning the tables and directing guests to their seat...simply lovely.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Five Unique Flowers For The Autumn Wedding Season

Who said roses are the required wedding flower? As beautiful  as they are, roses can take a back seat to the unique flowers I'm about to show you.  Especially in the upcoming Autumn wedding season.

1. Sunflowers may not seem very unique, but when it comes to the main stream wedding world, they are. All too often these gems are overlooked during the flowering selection portion of the wedding process. Sunflowers are extremely resilient and work well in bouquets and centerpieces. Best of all they will last throughout the wedding day with little water source.  Try pairing these with purple calla lillies for a beautiful fall color scheme.

  2. Who doesn't love Anemones?  I can't name one person. My personal favorites are the Black and white ones. The crisp, clean white of the petals along with the bold, dramatic black on the inside will be sure yield the oohs and ahhs that all brides desire.  While these come in a variety of color options, don't be afraid to use the white variety in your fall wedding. Paired with a deep green hydrangea, and you will have a spectacular arrangement for all to behold.

 3. The Cymbidium Orchid is the perfect for a sophisticated Fall wedding. They are one of the few flowers that give the right balance beauty and drama. Though this variety of orchid can be paired with other flowers, I'd dare to say you would be doing a disservice to the beauty of this flower and to your wedding decor. Furthermore, I'm also a fan of highlighting this flower's beauty by keeping it simple. Meaning, don't bunch too man of these together. A perfect way to execute this into your decor would be to have three lined down the center of the table in beautiful crystal flower pots.

 4. This flower - The Dinnerplate Dahlia - absolutely takes my breath away, and that's exactly what it intends to do. You could us the Dahlia as an accent flower in a centerpiece or as the main attraction. Either way, it will get your guests' attention. If you don't like this particular color combination, don't worry they come in numerous colors. Try pairing a deep red with sunflowers for a unique, colorful, and fun grouping!
5. Gloriosa Lilies are beautiful little creatures. They are often used as a filler or accent flower, but as you see in the bouquet below, they are an ethereal beauty  when bunched together. They remind me of laughter and light heartedness...pure fun!
I'll definitely be discussing these flowers with my Autumn brides.  The classics of roses and peonies are always beautiful, but nothing says beauty and style like an original use of underutilized botanicals.

What fall flowers do you most like?

~ Ciao



Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello and Welcome

We're here! This has been a long time coming, so I am more than excited to introduce the blogging world to An Adams Original. We'll be here to help brides in Dallas and beyond with etiquette issues, creative ideas, and all things bridal.  Woohoo!

~ Ciao