Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Inspiration From The Home

Event planning is my passion, but so is a lovely home.  I love the endless possiblities that come with designing living spaces.  I'm not a interior designer by any stretch, but I do find inspiration in sleek, fun, and well designed spaces.
Often times we tend to look at weddings and other events to find inspiration for our own, but the true beauty of a wedding or event is not just in the color scheme you choose, but in the design elements that show throughout the event.  Where better to be inspired than through home design?  It's in the home that you get to incorporate all sorts of textures, patterns, and palattes.
I had an initial consultation with a client a couple of weeks ago to plan and design her upcoming baby shower.  During the conversation, she told me that she had no idea what she wanted, nor does she identify with any particular style. All she knows is that she wants her event to be fun, comfortable and different than the typical baby shower.  After asking her a few questions to garner her "style preferences" (we all have them, they just have to be pulled out of some of us), I went off on a hunt to find some inspiration at pier one, world market, a few thrift stores and my favorite home design site - houzz.com.  Here are some of the things that are helping me and my client determine her linens, centerpieces, and other decor. 

1. During the conversation, my client was very quick to tell me that she wasn't a big fan of flowers.  She loves minimal floral elements that can make a big statement. While this is a big piece, the actual floral elements aren't the main attraction, it's the color.

2. She noted that she loves colors in their metallic form, and that she has a very feminine side. I found this metallic pink to be a combination of both those preferences.

3.  Throughout our conversation she kept using the words sophisticated and comfortable.  And, she told me that she loves the color and to eat chocolate.

4. When I asked her if she embraced vibrant colors she hesitated and then told me that she wants so badly to love vibrant colors, but she doesn't know how to work with them to make it look "sophisticated."  That's when we talked about color pops, and her excitement set in.

Don't be afraid to find inspiration everywhere.  Always look for that element that will set your event apart from the next.

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