Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Autumn - Aisle Style

Happy Autumn! Over the weekend, we officially left summer behind.  I surely wish someone had given the great state of Texas that information because we were still experiencing summer like temperatures here.

Despite that, the weather is breaking and I know that soon we'll have the chilled air that makes Autumn such a spectacular time of year.

Today I want to share some Autumn Aisle inpiration with you.  These beautiful aisles are true to the season while still hitting the mark on decor.

1. This is a brilliant use of tree stumps, mason jars, and sunflowers all in the same arrangement.  Nothing says Autumn like wild flowers and rustic elements.

2. While much of the country enjoys outdoor weddings in the spring and summer, here in Dallas we have to enjoy them in the Spring and Autumn.  How gorg is this.  The deep red reminds us of the transitional nature of Autumn, but the held on to a bit of the summer with the bright green elements.  Oh, and that aisle path of it!

3. This is my absolute favorite Autumn Aisle.  From the wood elements in the roof, to the changing trees, to the minimally lined aisle runner...everything about this makes me swoon.  I really hope the bride's dress added to the decor in a dramatic way. Even more, I love that they brought the outside indoors.

4. Muted tones of orange and green make me happy for more reasons than being my College Colors.  This palette screams fun in the fall.

5.  You know I had to throw in something super crafty.  The use of real pumpkins filled with small scale bouquets is sophisticated and fun.  It's so DIY without the DIY look. 

Well, I hope this Autumn Aisle Style inspired you on this Monday morning!  Enjoy the season!


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