Monday, September 10, 2012

Shoes To The Rescue

We don’t want you to suffer like those poor saps from the Movie “Office Space” by dealing with a case of the Mondays. Instead, here’s a fabulous pick me up for you to drool over…Shoes. In case you haven’t selected the shoes you’ll be wearing on your big day, check out some of these styles….

1. Funky - These shoes can serve a double purpose - they can act as your something Blue and your something funky.  The drama of the suede and the funky heel elements will give a glorious shoe shot!  Perfect for the girl that has several inches between her and her groom to be!

2. Flat - Not every bride is into the uber high heels or any heel for that matter.  We got you covered. With the trend of flats in full effect over the past several years, there is  huge selection of gorgeous options to choose from.  We found these over on  You find your perfect flat, and they'll add the flare.  Perfect way to customize for a reasonable price.

3. Strappy - You know what I love most about strappy shoes?? They make me feel so feminine and dainty. And, there is such a huge variety to choose from.


4. Bling - I don't know about you, but I like shiny things.  I'm more of a shiny understatement, so when I came across these, I felt they were the perfect explanation to what I mean.  The bling is subtle enough to still be elegant, but significant enough to make a statement.  And, how cute is that bow??   

5. Feathers - O.M. Gosh! If only my wedding colors had been orange and blue.  I love the very classic and modest pump style of the shoe, but the punch of excitement in the orange feather. I just designed an entire wedding around this shoe inspiration alone.  I'm thinking a wedding right on the cusp of Autumn, but still with the feel of summer fun! Oh so fab!

Whew, all this talk of shoes is going to make me schedule a stop at DSW sometime during the day.  My case of the Mondays are definitely gone bye bye.

~ Ciao

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