Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lighted Beauty

I’ve always loved using unique lighting in décor, whether it be at home or for events.  With all the costs associated with weddings, the use of certain lighting, especially candles can offer a fabulous alternative to more expensive décor elements.
Here are some different areas in which candles and other types of lighting can be incorporated to add the perfect, yet affordable, ambience to your special day!

1.       Pathways – During weddings, many people typically focus their décor budget on the ceremony and reception spaces, but it’s a mistake to forget about the pathways that connect those spaces.  This photo shows a unique way to keep your guests wowed as they move about during your event. For all my DIY-ers this concept is easily replicated by having the base of old wine bottles removed. Then place them over a candle of  your choice and mix and match sizes and styles…presto…you have a fabulous wine inspired décor theme.

2.       The great outdoors – please, please, please don’t forget about the use of candle lighting outside. This picture reminds me of beautiful teardrops, joyful ones of course, perfect for hanging from a tree over the dance floor for the couple’s first dance.  This use of lighting simply exudes romance.  Oddly enough this can be easily and affordably replicated with water balloons and lighting sticks.

3.       Outdoors In – Just as hanging lights from the trees outdoors, it is just as beautiful to bring a tree inside and hang votive lights from it.  Here is a phenomenal example.  A simple manzanita tree with some hanging votives will get you on your way to this look.

4.       Candles Only – Most brides immediately begin to consider the flowers they’ll incorporate into their centerpieces.  Well, I’m here to tell you not to box yourself in just yet.  The image below shows how sophisticated and sleek bouquets of candles can look.  To top it off, try using the same color in slightly varying shades; it will give a wow factor that will leave you and your guests impressed.

5.       Aisle Style – A lighted aisle in my mind is an absolute must. I don’t care what time of the day or night it is...a bride’s path should be lit for her journey to her groom.  Typically, that lighted path moves down the floor, but what’s stopping you from lighting from above. Here is an example of doing it in rustic style.  Here in Texas, rustic  weddings are all the rage.  These mason jars connected by a string of lights look as if they are being lit by a school of fireflies.  It’s rustic, whimsy, and romantic…a great combination.

So, brides to be, whatever you do, don't discount the impact of beautiful lighting. Step outside of the box and add some Originality to your day!


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