Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bridal Luncheons Are Made For Fun

A Bridal Luncheon is a great way for you and the girls in your wedding to spend some quality time without the hectic discussions of wedding planning. It’s a time for you all to relax, have fun, and in many cases reconnect on a friendship level because it’s likely for the last few months your discussions have all been centered on the big day and everything associated with it.

What better way to reconnect with your girls than in the midst of fabulous d├ęcor…check out some Bridal Luncheon (or Shower) inspiration.  Make sure to share with your Maid of Honor or Coordinator as they begin to plan your event.

Cute twist on the Veggie Tray - There's plenty of opportunity to eat cake, but how about making sure you and the girls keep a healthy, yet decor friendly, option within reach! You can add various dipping sauces and even add some color without comprising taste for an even better integration with decor.
Now this is a Bridal Luncheon centerpiece that will surely add to the decor of an organic/natural tablescape.  You'd be surprised by how afforadable and easy this idea is to duplicate. 

Ok, remember when I said there would be plenty of time for cake? Well, here it is. Cake pops are all the rage these days, and thank goodness because I was starting to have cupcake overload, haha. These wonderous inventions can be decorated in an array of schemes and the best part is that it helps with portion control. A couple of these will be satisfying without threatening your next dress fitting.

Place Card Holders aren't just for weddings.  I love this original idea used at a recent bridal shower. If the pink dresses or circled cards aren't your thing, don't  worry, these can be completed customized to fit your style and tast.  Simply gorg!

The Tablescape. Ooh La La this fresh and airy outdoor tablescape is perfect for a bridal luncheon.  Whatever scheme you decide to deploy, make sure your coordinator designs a tablescape that will keep your girls talking for weeks. Note: You'll want to stay in scheme with your wedding. Not to worry if your luncheon and wedding are in different seasons. An experienced coordinator will know exactly how to tie the two together.

No matter what you decide by way of decor or food, just remember that this is a time for you and the important ladies in your life to have fun and simply enjoy each other. So, don't stress...just have ejoy!

~ Ciao


  1. Nice post.
    A menu idea for this occasion in Spring:
    Marinated Grilled Vegetable Skewers
    Smoked Chicken and Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Mixed Berry Dipping Sauce
    Savory Black Bean Salad

    Mat Chapman

  2. Really cute idea for dipping sauce and veggies. I think I'll use it for my gluten free blog. thx.

  3. I love this! What size cups did you use for the veggie cups?

  4. These bridal luncheon favors are simply adorable. Will certainly use few ideas from here for my bridal party. Have booked one of San Francisco wedding venues for the day. Thanks for sharing them here. I really liked them.