Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Escort Your Guests With Originality

There are a plethora of beautiful escort card ideas circulating in craft stores and wedding magazines, but what about some originality.  This is an area where you can show your guests that you really paid attention to the details and wanted to make your wedding stand out.  I’ve compiled five ways to make your guests say wow as they seek their table number.


1.       Food – Guests typically find their escort cards at the end of cocktail hour prior to entering the reception.  By giving them a palette cleansing sorbet to enjoy prior to your reception, you’ll ensure they get the most enjoyment out of dinner.  You or your planner will have no trouble finding miniature spoons to place in the sorbet upon which to adorn the name and table assignment for each guest.


2.     The gift that gives (double duty) – A great  cost saving idea is to allow your escort card   to double as a wedding favor. What better favor than one that you can actually use time after time – a plant.  Your guests will be able to take a real memory from your wedding  and watch it grow over the years as your marriage does.  And, if you get something   like a spice or herb, they can enjoy it even more.

3.     Scent – The gift of smell goods will make any guest happy.  And, this is a triple duty item.  One, it is your escort card; Two, guests can take it home as a favor; Three, they will take  it into the reception space and create a bountiful fragrance sure to make everyone’s nose happy.  Make sure to get a complimentary scent that doesn’t compete with your flower arrangements.


4.       Sound – The first time you see your guests after being pronounced husband and wife will be at your grand entrance into the reception.  That is a moment deserving of much applause and fanfare.  So, give your guests some noisemakers to make your entrance spectacular.  Yep, another double duty item!


5.     Drink – Since I started with food, I’ll end in that similar category.  Provide your guests with escort card drinks as    the final round of your cocktail hour.  They’ll be able to take these into the reception, so they’ll have something to drink before dinner drinks are served.  This one of my favorite examples of an Original escort card idea.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your special day unique.  Make sure your planner knows your personality and finds something that makes you and your husband stand out. And, leaves your guests happy.

~ Ciao

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