Friday, December 14, 2012

The Show Will Go On

When I first heard of the news that Capella Court Gardens and Alexander Mansion closed ubruptly, leaving several couples without the venue they paid for, I was stunned, saddened, and then quite upset.

As a wedding vendor, I take my role in the most important time in a couples' life very seriously.  I truly cannot believe that anyone would have the heart to literally dissapear and the night without so much as a courtesy call to its clients. 

You can read about the details of the story here

What has brought me joy is to see all of the wedding vendors really stepping up to help these couples in their time of need.  We, here at An Adams Original have decided to offer free wedding planning services to all of the couples that had weddings scheduled at either Capella or Alexander Mansion between now and the end of January 2013.  We understand that now, more than ever, the stress has piled on, but we want to make sure couples can still find some peace and joy in their upcoming nuptials. 

We also want to give you a few tips on what to do if you are one of the couples impacted by this terrible situation:

1. File a police report with the City of Carrollton or the City of Garland, depending on the venue you selected.

2. Contact the Texas Attorney General's Office to file a complaint - they are currently investing, so make sure your story is documented.

3. If you paid by credit card, whether recently or months ago, submit a detailed written dispute to your credit card company.  Send it by certified mail.  If you paid recently it should be fairly easy for you to get a refund.  If you paid months ago, it may take longer, but under the "Truth in Lending Act" you should be able to recover your funds.

4. Check your wedding insurance to see what remedies are available to your for other vendor issues as a result of this fiasco.

5. Breathe. Rest in the comfort that the show will go on - you will marry the love of your life, and this will not stop you.

We wish you all the best!


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