Monday, February 4, 2013

I Do! Good-bye! - An Adams Original: Dallas Wedding Planner

From childhood, many people imagine their big day, but am I the only one who thinks about the fabulous trip thereafter? Maybe it’s just my traveler heart, but what’s more romantic than embarking on a glorious journey to a beautiful land with the one you’ve just pledged your life too??
There are so many places one can go and so many various activities to do. So where to?
In the spirit of spring time weddings here are three honeymoon spots that do not disappoint in spring: 

U.S. Virgin Islands
Two of the best things about this location is that there is need for a passport and you’ll still have normal cell phone service. Great for those who just want to sit on the beach and work on their post wedding tan. There are carnivals that happen in the spring as well for the more active couple wanting to experience the local culture.
Are you a romantic, foodie, shopaholic or history buff? All four will be fulfilled in Paris. The city is resurrected from it’s winter slumber and begins to bloom around April. Markets, writers, cafes and painters begin to fill the streets once again. Make plans to tour the monuments you’ve always desired to see, setup museum tours, visit world renown restaurants and find treasures to bring home from chic French boutiques. Mix and match great places to go for the couple who loves to explore. 

On a budget or just wanting to stay a bit closer to home? Well, South Carolina is quite splendid in the spring! Have you ever seen a magnolia tree in full bloom let alone smelled the sweet aroma? Well you’re in for a treat! For the couple that just desires to spend their honeymoon in one another’s arms check in at a cute hotel or B&B . Wake up late, take walks down the historic streets, and partake of wonderful southern comfort foods. 
Wherever you decide to honeymoon, have a blast!

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