Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Meet Our Spring/Summer 2013 Intern - An Adams Original: Dallas Wedding Planner

An Adams Original is very happy to welcome our newest intern, Kara Browne.
Kara is a freshman at Concordia University Wisconsin where she is studying entertainment management. She is almost 19 years old and very eager to learn all that she can about the event planning business. She lived in St Louis, Missouri until the age of 8 with her big family of 7. And, although she goes to school in Wisconsin, she resides in Texas the rest of the time.
Being the youngest of 5 children, as well as having a very large extended family, she has seen her fill of weddings, and big events that need a lot of planning.
She loves to sing, and is even in a choir at her school.  When she happens to have free time, she can be found singing, watching movies with her friends, reading (usually romance), or writing out her thoughts.

Over the next six months Kara will play a big role in our social media marketing while also gaining hands on experience during events and behind the scenes planning elements.
We are very excited to have her join us!

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