Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't Be Afraid To Let Go - An Adams Original: Dallas Wedding Planner

“Letting go” has been on my mind since a conversation yesterday with a maid-of-honor about her sister’s upcoming wedding. The family is of Indian descent and the children are first generation Americans, yet they are not having a traditional Indian wedding. However, the wedding will have slight nods of appreciation to their Indian heritage within decor and some clothing.

As beautiful and rich as I believe tradition to be, I think there must be freedom to let it all go. I have never been one to  follow the status quo “just because”.

When it comes to weddings, I always encourage my couples to make their day truly about them and the love they have for one another. Indeed you are inviting in loved ones to celebrate this day with you and in doing so you want to be courteous as well as respectful of their attendance. However, the day should reflect the couple and if that means letting go of some traditions then so be it!

If you think you may have bought a ticket on the train of tradition or have been forced to do so, do a quick check:

Sit down with your fiance and discuss what elements of a wedding are truly important to you. Don't feel shame or regret for the things that don't make the cut. In fact, embrace what the two of you discover during this conversation because it will ensure that your day is true to your personality instead of feeling as though you’re simply going through the motions and checking off what you “must do” in the name of tradition.

Again, tradition is a beautiful thing, but just make sure it means something to you before incorporating it in the biggest day of your life.


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