Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vow To Be Creative - An Adams Original: Dallas Wedding Planner

One of my favorite parts of a wedding ceremony are the vows; I love it when the couple puts extra thought and effort into them. Besides hearing those words on that day and cherishing them in your heart forever, what about some creative ways to display them??

"Our Story" Book

Get creative and make your own story book from the details of how you met to when he decided to propose, all the way through to your wedding day.  If you're crafty, you could do it scrap book style or go a more sleek route and type it up nicely with pictures and have it nicely bound at your local print shop. Whatever option you decide, it is nice to have something printed that will last throughout the years.

                                                                                   "Frame It"       

Whether you have calligraphy skills yourself or employ someone else's help.  You can get someone to write out your vows and stylize it in a way that would reflect your spouse and you.  Place those sacred words in a beautiful frame and find a sweet spot to place it. Preferably somewhere easy to stop and read over it.

          "Solid As A Rock"

Ascribe your vows separately on plates and actually use them for one another. You could even etch your vows on stepping stones and lay them within your walk way or throughout your backyard.

                                                                                       "Make a Statement"

For the truly adventurous and artistic ones, you can take some canvases and paint on your vows.  Use as many canvases as you want - paint across them and separate into a linear fashion, and hang it someplace prominent in your home.

These are just a few creative ways to keep the vows that you said to one another alive and fresh in your heart, and your home.

Are you planning to do, or have you already done, anything creative to display your vows?!


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