Thursday, January 17, 2013

To Cinderella Or Not To Cinderella? - An Adams Original: Dallas Wedding Planner

Have you ever heard the line: “When else are you going to be able to where a ball gown”?

I have heard that line from the mouths of many women.

What’s your reaction to that?

Mine use to be one of fear. I know that may sound funny, but seriously hearing that question always made my heart speed up a bit and my hands become a little clammy. The little girl in me would cry out,  “this is our one chance to look like a fairytale princess” while the woman in me would chime in saying,” I have a beautiful, curvy body to show off.”

Well, you’ll be happy to know that I have overcome that fear.  How did I do it? Simple – I remembered that there is a long future ahead of me, likely filled with an array of different events. Events that will allow me to dress up in many different styles.  So, I say to you brides-to-be, don’t make the dress decision based off of the rest of your life. 
If you want to forgo it for your wedding, but experience it later in life:

Here are some “typical” wedding dress styles that people mistakenly believe cannot be worn outside of your wedding day.

Ball gown - Vacation in Venice and attend a Venetian ball.  Find and attend a Renaissance Fair.  Have a fairytale ball themed birthday party (women are never too old to be princesses)

Sheath -  This style can be worn to just about any upscale soiree. Plan an amazing dinner at an over the top ritzy restaurant with that new husband of yours.
Mermaid - Attend an upscale gala. Host a fancy New Year or Holiday party.

These are the dress silhouettes most people think they’ll never have a chance to ever where again, but it simply isn’t true. Create your chance to wear your dress!

The next time someone asks, “When will you ever be able to wear this style of dress again?” Just answer, “Whenever I seize or CREATE the opportunity to do so!”


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