Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter Tips on this Dallas Snow Day - An Adams Original: Dallas Wedding Planner

Happy Snow Day, Dallas!

In honor of the lovely blankets of snow that have invaded the Metroplex this morning, we wanted to give you a bit of Winter Wedding Inspiration and tips today.

1.The Vision

You've set the date for a winter weekend. You've always loved something about the crisp air and jack frost nipping at your nose. Well, what better way to exploit your Winter wedding date than with a Winter wedding theme.  Don't worry, there is so much more to winter than green and red Christmas colors.

2. The Decor

Now that you have the Winter theme, it's time to determine decor.  As much as you enjoy Winter, your friends and family may not.  Not to worry, make sure your decor convinces them that this is, in fact, one of the greatest seasons in Texas - even when it's snowing. Start with your colors and work from there.  This is a great time to incorporate fluffy whites, dark or icy blues, silver tones, even creams and golds.  Also, don't forget that Emerald is the 2013 color, and it can so wonderfully be incorporated for Winter along with a splash of crimson. Continue with the Winter decor by incorporating ice crystals, snowflakes, and don't forget, this is your time to go glitter crazy (in the most sophisticated way, of course).  From the aisle to the centerpieces to the cake, incorporate a streamlined Winter decor theme throughout. Your guests will be wowed.

3.The Food

I'm not even sure Winter food needs explaining.  It is the epitome of comfort, and tell me, who doesn't like comfort food every now and then.  Take this opportunity to warm your friends and family up from the inside out. Instead of an overload on cake (though it can look Winter fabulous, too), try yummy bread puddings, and cinnamon spiced treats.  Don't forget that drinks fall under this category.  Of course, you'll have your champagne toast, but why not warm up guests during cocktail hour with a delicious mulled wine or better yet, an Eggnog Martini of sorts!

4. The Accessories

Forgive me for putting this last. The ever important DRESS must fabulously tie into your Winter wedding theme. And, let me tell you, there are so many accessories that will do just that.  Can anyone say Fur???  In order to keep PETA protestors away, there are tons of fabulous faux furs out there that will look amazing.

We hope you've been inspired on this Winter White day!


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